Rapidly evolving

Perry S. Bechky (Seattle): The International Law of Game of Thrones. John Wihbey on how agricultural drones may change the way we farm: Major innovations in farming are at hand, thanks to a rapidly evolving industry. Christy Chapin on her book Ensuring America’s Health: The Public Creation of the Corporate Health Care System. Have the nerds really beaten the campaign pundits? Not yet. Trump is wrong: Nearly every nation in the Western Hemisphere offer some form of unconditional birthright citizenship to children born in-country. Increase taxes? Talk by Donald Trump alarms G.O.P. Is Joe Biden getting a gender advantage? Rebecca Traister wonders (and more). Hillary Clinton’s emails show that Washington is more Veep than House of Cards. 1 in 3 federal government employees use personal e-mail for work, survey finds. Charlie Warzel goes inside the wonderful world of Flight Attendant Internet. Stuart Whatley in investing yourself (against the limited liability society).