Who knew administrative law could be so much fun?

Daniel B. Rodriguez (Northwestern) and Barry R. Weingast (Stanford): The Reformation of Administrative Law Revisited. Mikael Rask Madsen (Copenhagen): Judicial Globalization and Global Administrative Law: The Particularity of the Proliferation of International Courts. Brian Lipshutz (Yale): Justice Thomas and the Originalist Turn in Administrative Law. Adam Babich (Tulane): Fun with Administrative Law: A Game for Lawyers and Judges. Aaron Nielson (BYU): Visualizing Change in Administrative Law. Paul Daly (Montreal): The Language of Administrative Law. William H. Simon (Columbia): The Organizational Premises of Administrative Law. Melissa F. Wasserman (Illinois): What Administrative Law Can Teach the Trademark System. From Law and Contemporary Problems, a special issue on the Administrative Law of Financial Regulation. Michael Kagan (UNLV): Binding the Enforcers: The Administrative Law Struggle Behind Pres. Obama’s Immigration Actions. Andrew Rudalevige on King v. Burwell: Who knew administrative law could be so much fun?