Europe’s refugee crisis

Desperate crossing: For 733 migrants crammed aboard two tiny boats somewhere between Libya and Italy, a leaky hull was neither the beginning nor the end of their troubles. Image of dead Syrian child shakes up media coverage of refugee crisis (and more and more and more and more). Aylan Kurdi’s last words were “Daddy, please don't die” as father battled to save him. The limits of photojournalism: James Warren on what those pictures of the Syrian boy didn’t tell us avatar. Hundreds of 3-year-old toddlers have died as a result of the Syrian war. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the number of refugees and internally displaced people has reached its highest point since World War II (and more). Treatment of migrants evokes memories of Europe’s darkest hour. Rick Noack on 5 inspiring ways Germans are supporting refugees. Germans welcome migrants after long journey through Hungary and Austria. Fighting the wrong battle: Central Europe’s crisis is one of liberal democracy, not migration.

Anne Barnard on how the exodus of Syrians highlights political failure of the West. Leslie Green on how the refugee crisis is not about fairness. Anne Applebaum on Europe’s deadly denial: The refugee crisis is the consequence of Europe’s refusal to confront the wars on its borders. Richard Seymour on Europe’s lethal fortress: Make no mistake — it’s European governments who are to blame for the deadly migrant crisis. Chiara Bottici on Europe, migration, and the state. Some European officials may be tempted to adopt the hard-line approach Australia has used to stem a similar tide of migrants — that would be unconscionable. An open letter calls for Europe to take decisive action, allowing refugees to enter the EU legally. Pope calls on all of Europe’s Catholics to house refugees (and more). Migrants aren’t widgets: Nobel economist Alvin Roth’s pressing advice for Europe. Amanda Taub on Europe’s refugee crisis, explained. Elaine Ayo on Europe’s migrant crisis by the numbers.

The irony of migrancy: AC Grayling on how the migrants heading to Britain bring with them a world of opportunity. UKIP warns of Schrodinger’s immigrant who “lazes around on benefits whilst simultaneously stealing your job”. Hostility and dissent: Sukhwant Dhaliwal and Meena Patel on resisting anti-immigrant messaging. Mayors across Canada vow to lead in settling refugees. A new issue of Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees is out. Michael Ignatieff on how the refugee crisis isn’t a “European problem” — the United States, Canada and others must do more to help. Refugee crisis puts pressure on U.S. to take in thousands fleeing Syria. The 10 million-plus refugees from the fighting throughout the Middle East call for a major American humanitarian response — and now. Dylan Matthews on the best way the US could help Syrians: Open the borders. Adam Johnson on the Syrian refugee crisis and the “do something” lie.