Part of democracy

Nicholas Stephanopoulos (Chicago): Political Powerlessness. Adam J. Hoffer (Wisconsin) and George R. Crowley (Troy): Did You Say that Voting is Ridiculous? Using South Park to Teach Public Choice. The case for universal voting: William A. Galston and E. J. Dionne on why making voting a duty would enhance our elections and improve our government. Lauren Williams on how Americans only pretend to care about government transparency — but that’s because they don't really trust the government. Can members of Congress change your mind? Yes, they just have to talk to you. How Washington bribes the states: Carl T. Bogus reviews Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States and Empowering Their People by James L. Buckley. Heather K. Gerken and James T. Dawson on living under someone else’s law: From gay marriage to gun control, states pass laws that go against their neighbors’ preferences — but “spillovers” are an essential part of democracy. Lydia DePillis on why lawmakers introduce bills that are doomed to fail.