Is China the new Spanish Empire?

James W. Houck (Penn State) and Nicole M. Anderson (Marine Corps): The United States, China, and Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea. How will China respond in the South China Sea? Ask the Soviet Union. Is China the new Spanish Empire? The Chinese crisis has important echoes of the Soviet Union and 16th-century Europe — and history tells us the outlook isn’t pretty. The Eurasian Big Bang: Pepe Escobar on how China and Russia are running rings around Washington. Robert Skidelsky on the Sino-Russian marriage. Zachary Keck on why China and India want Russia’s new Armata battle tank. Mishi Saran on Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping’s parallel power parade. Kiran Nair on India-China military space cooperation. China and India are sitting out refugee crisis. Watch out, China: Why the “Asian Century” might just belong to India. Roy C. Smith (NYU): Is China the New Japan? Kyle Mizokami on China’s ultimate nightmare: Japan armed with nuclear weapons. You can download the Oxford Handbook of the International Relations of Asia.