The war ISIS wants

From FT, a new normal emerges in a Europe infected by Arab wars: The Paris bombings will mean a fresh look at civil liberties and physical restrictions. Where is this West to be located and what are we doing when we speak of the West? David Shariatmadari on how Isis hates Middle Eastern civilisation too: The Paris attacks are portrayed as an assault on the values of the west — in fact, the hopes and philosophies we cherish are global. The Paris attacks are just what counterterrorism analysts have feared since Mumbai. The Islamic State’s trap for Europe: “The Paris attacks must become calls to action to end the wars that are tearing the Middle East apart and flooding the world with desperate refugees. They are yet more proof that we cannot live in peace at home while millions of people are engulfed in war”. Scott Atran and Nafees Hamid on Paris and the war ISIS wants. It seems increasingly likely that bin Laden will get what he wanted: A regional war in the Middle East. Formulating a policy response in anger is probably not the best way to defeat the Islamic State. Again, the goal of terrorists is to inspire terror, because that’s all they’re capable of — and the most important thing our societies can do in response is to refuse to give in to fear.

Former CIA Director Michael Morell: ISIS will strike America. When ISIS says the Paris attacks were the “first of a storm”, we should brace ourselves — and the Democratic candidates should be clear about what we should be prepared to do. Rubio already using Paris attacks for fundraising. In presidential campaign, it’s now terrorism, not taxes. Jonathan Chait on the return of Republican Islamophobia. Kevin Drum on the return of the warblogs. After Paris attacks, Rightbloggers take on Obama, Europe, and refugees. “Black lives matt.... ALL LIVES MATTER syrians show up What?!!! Fuck! No!!!” Paris attacks spark victory dance for conservative media. CNN reporter Jim Acosta asks Obama: “Why can't we take out these bastards?” Andrew Prokop on why Republicans want Obama to denounce “radical Islam” and why he won’t do it. Brian Beutler on how Obama saved his harshest words for Republican xenophobes — and he was right to do so (and more). U.S. Republicans see a clash of civilizations — French president says no. People are threatening to retaliate to the Paris attacks by bombing mosques in North America.

Will Wilkinson: “War on terror. Invade Iraq. Destabilize region. Spark civil wars. Make more terrorists. Million refugees. Can’t help. Might be terrorists.” Dara Lind on how the US is so paranoid about Syrian refugees that it’s letting barely any in. Nick Robins-Early on why a backlash against refugees only helps ISIS. No, state governors can’t refuse to accept Syrian refugees. Randy Capps and Michael Fix on ten facts about U.S. refugee resettlement. Yearning to breathe free: America should reclaim its role as a beacon for those fleeing persecution and war.