In the wake of the Planned Parenthood shooting

Paula L. Abrams (Lewis and Clark): The Bad Mother: Stigma, Abortion and Surrogacy. Katherine Shaw and Alex Stein (Yeshiva): Abortion, Informed Consent, and Regulatory Spillover. Michael C. Dorf (Cornell) and Brandice Canes-Wrone (Princeton): Measuring the Chilling Effect. At least 100,000 women have attempted self-induced abortions in Texas. From Dissent, Katha Pollitt on reclaiming abortion rights; and Dorothy Roberts on reproductive justice, not just rights. They’re coming for Roe v. Wade: Amanda Marcotte on how one swing justice might now control your legal right to an abortion. The war on women is over and women lost: While you weren’t watching, conservatives fundamentally rewrote abortion laws. Kevin Drum on how Republicans may be shooting themselves in the foot over abortion; and on why abortion supporters need to start fighting back. Jess Colarossi on why it matters that yet another state has cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing.

We who provide abortions do so because our patients need us, and that’s what we are supposed to do: respond to our patients’ needs. Chloe Angyal on the subculture of embattled abortion workers. Being a doctor who performs abortions means you always fear your life is in danger. Even before shooting, Colorado abortion clinics were a battleground. Judd Legum on the political motivations of the Planned Parenthood shooting suspect, revealed (and more). Anti-abortion supporters celebrated Planned Parenthood shooting on social media (and more). John Nichols on the deafening silence of the Republican field in the wake of the Planned Parenthood shooting: Republican contenders who have had so very much to say against Planned Parenthood were largely mum after Friday’s deadly violence. GOP candidates condemn Planned Parenthood shooting but dismiss link to antiabortion rhetoric.

#is100enough: How many cases of antichoice violence, threat and incitement do you need to admit clinic violence is real? Jessica Valenti on how violent anti-choice rhetoric must end, or anti-abortion violence never will. Dani McClain on 4 ways you can support Planned Parenthood right now.