Gay Talese | Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

In 1965, Gay Talese traveled to L.A. for Esquire to write a major profile on Frank Sinatra, but arrived to find Sinatra sick and unwilling to be interviewed. Undeterred, Talese observed the star from a careful distance and interviewed his friends, associates, family, and hangers-on. His profile went down in history as a tour de force of literary nonfiction.

In this signed and numbered edition, "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" is given new life. Letterpress printed by TASCHEN, the text is paired with photographs by Phil Stern, facsimile reproductions of manuscript pages, and correspondence from the author’s archive.

David Brancaccio from NPR’s Marketplace joins Gay in conversation. David has just launched a podcast series with Esquire magazine exploring classic nonfiction works and their cultural resonance.