Just another example

Lindsay R. Craig (Temple): Neo-Darwinism and Evo-Devo: An Argument for Theoretical Pluralism in Evolutionary Biology. Why are drug monopolies running amok? Meet Deborah Feinstein. From Talking Points Memo, the 2015 Golden Duke Awards winners announced. With nearly 3,000 votes cast, the results of Prospect’s world thinkers 2015 poll are now in. The Washington Post fires lefty columnist Harold Meyerson. The “affluenza teen” is just another example of privilege with no conscience: Eluding responsibility by virtue of wealth isn’t an aberration — it’s the essence of the American norm. Are Trump supporters driven by economic anxiety or racial resentment? Yes. Donald Trump is disgusted by a lot of things — and it's resonating with voters. Toward a future beyond white supremacist narratives of human universality: Leonard Horne reviews On Being Human as Praxis by Sylvia Wynter.