All we need for justice

Terry Nardin (NUS): Rationality in Politics and Its Limits. Charles Larmore (Brown): Political Liberalism: Its Motivations and Goals. Kenneth K. Ching (Regent): Liberalism’s Fine Print: Boilerplate’s Allusion to Human Nature. James Sherman (Toronto): Renewing Liberalism. Shmuel Nili (Yale): Liberal Integrity and Foreign Entanglement. Duncan Bell (Cambridge): The Dream Machine: On Liberalism and Empire. Why liberalism needs Islam: Anna Provitola and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins review Islam in Liberalism by Joseph Massad. Liberalism as drama: Andrew Sabl reviews Liberalism: The Life of an Idea by Edmund Fawcett.

From the Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice, Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht): The Capability Approach. Jack O Griffiths (Exeter): Capability, Freedom, Life: The Politics and Metaphysics of Capability. Antoinette Baujard (Lyon) and Gilardone Muriel (CREM): Sen is Not a Capability Theorist. Jason Hannan (Winnipeg): Justice Implicit: The Pragmatism of Amartya Sen. John B. Davis (Marquette): Agency and the Process Aspect of Capability Development: Individual Capabilities, Collective Capabilities, and Collective Intentions.

Shmuel Nili (Yale): Global Justice and Social Science. Myisha Cherry (UIC): Why Love Is Not All We Need for Justice. Ai-Thu Dang (Sorbonne): Eyes Wide Shut: John Rawls’s Silence on Racial Justice. Bjoern Kauder (CESifo): Globalization and Social Justice in OECD Countries. Matt Zwolinski (San Diego): Social Darwinism and Social Justice: Herbert Spencer on Our Duties to the Poor.

Robert Jubb (Leicester): The Real Value of Equality. Simon Caney (Oxford): Coercion, Justification and Inequality: Defending Global Egalitarianism. Martha Albertson Fineman (Emory): Equality and Difference: The Restrained State. Kevin K W Ip (CUHK): Global Egalitarianism from a Relational Perspective. What’s wrong with inequality? Gary Gutting interviews Elizabeth Anderson, professor of philosophy and women’s studies at the University of Michigan.

David Watkins (Dayton): Institutionalizing Freedom as Non-domination: Democracy and the Role of the State. Robert Alexander (Ohio Northern): Direct Democracy as Necessary Evil? Perspectives from Interest Group Leaders. Into the cave: David Marcus on Sheldon Wolin’s search for democracy (and more).