Trump is making Clinton’s case

From TNR, what makes Bernie run? Joshua Cohen on the reluctant roots of his radicalism. How did Bernie Sanders turn grumpiness into charm? Occupy the Party: The Brooklyn collective “Not An Alternative” on the Sanders’ campaign as a site of struggle — “stuck between beautiful souls and dirty hands” (and a response). Franco Palazzi on populism, representation, and Sanders. Bernie Sanders’s new campaign: After Hillary’s landslide victory in South Carolina, here’s how Bernie can make his revolution matter for the Democratic Party. Jamelle Bouie on why Bernie Sanders should stay in the race: He’s not going to beat Hillary Clinton, but there are bigger battles to fight. What Bernie and the Left need now: A radical Enlightenment.

Even if Democrats support different candidates, they aren’t divided. Is there a “next Obama” on the Democratic Party bench? Marin Cogan investigates. Jamil Smith on the white candidate’s burden: Securing African-American support will require Clinton and Sanders to challenge white voters on racial justice — one is doing a better job of that.

Ex-Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau on why electing Hillary in ’16 is more important than electing Obama in ’08 — and why Secretary Clinton is a lot more compelling than you might think. What does being a “good” wife have to do with being president? The writer Lynne Tillman wonders why being a woman with a past is different from being “a man with a past”. If Hillary Clinton manages to beat Bernie Sanders, the early primaries have already revealed that there’s only one strategy for the general election against a Republican, be it Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz: Scorch the earth (and more). Donald Trump is making Clinton’s case to young Sanders supporters.

Donald Trump confronts conservatives with an existential crisis: Will the right fall in line behind him or make #NeverTrump a rallying cry? Don’t assume conservatives will rally behind Trump. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz ding Donald Trump, but Chris Christie’s cannonball shakes conservative media’s faith. Conservatives blame broken GOP promises for Trumpism — and rally to Rubio, who makes ridiculous promises. People realize that the idea Trump can and should be defeated by persuading voters that he’s insufficiently extreme is depressing, right? The Trump Realignment: If Rubio’s attacks on the Donald aren’t successful, will neoconservatives leave the GOP for Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump is playing “Mr. Neutral” on everything from Israel to the Klan — and it’s working.

“He is really a Teflon candidate, like Reagan was”: Meet the white supremacist who’s robocalling Super Tuesday voters for Donald Trump. How is Trump winning over Massachusetts Republicans? He speaks their language. Here’s what demagogues like Trump do to their countries when they take power. Bruce Bartlett: “Trump represents the best hope since Watergate to destroy the wanker party. That’s why I will vote for him tomorrow”.