Depend on your address

Jamie R. Abrams (Louisville): Debunking the Myth of Universal Male Privilege. Ghostwork: Utah Snyder on endgames in art and politics. Chris Lehmann on the media politics of civility and social deference. An iPhone is an extension of the mind: Apple and the FBI think iPhones are safes — a philosopher explains what they really are. Obama’s new Librarian of Congress nominee Carla Hayden is a rip-snortin’, copyfightin’, surveillance-hatin’ no-foolin’ librarian. For many southern states, Super Tuesday will be a voter suppression test drive. Does the Constitution protect your right to vote? It may depend on your address. Secretly on the ballot in November: The future of the “nuclear option” for Supreme Court nominees. Scalia’s death is already making biz and conservative activists avoid SCOTUS. From The Calhoun Review, you can download The Secessionist Papers, ed. Barry Lee Clark.