The drama of journalism

From Vulture, Jada Yuan interviews David Simon on the drama of journalism. Marty Baron shines a new Spotlight on journalism. Sarah Larson on “Spotlight” and its revelations. Margaret Sullivan on the search for local investigative reporting’s future (and part 2). From NiemanLab, Ken Doctor on the halving of America’s daily newsrooms; and on how the financialization of news is dimming the lights of the local press. When the local paper closes, where does the community turn? Justin Fox on how the midsize newspaper is toast. Since the advent of AmeriCorps, there has been a “corps” for nearly everything — Steve Waldman thinks that there is a good case to be made for an AmeriCorps for local news. Chris Cillizza on how journalism is changing for the better, in 1 chart. Ezra Klein finds conversations about the future of journalism “tiresome”. We’ve talked endlessly about the future of journalism — it’s time to talk about the future of journalists.

Sam Levine on how Sarah Karp uncovered a corruption scandal everyone missed. A wizard at prying government secrets from the government: Jason Leopold of Vice News uses an encyclopedic knowledge of the Freedom of Information Act to obtain tens of thousands of government documents. Mark Warren on why the best war reporter in a generation had to suddenly stop: After fourteen years of being immersed in the bloody wars of our era, C.J. Chivers came home. Where have all the manly journalists gone? (and a response) For ultra-Orthodox newspapers, women and the web present growing challenges. Rossalyn Warren on the untold story of Clare Hollingworth, the woman who broke the news of WW2. Juan Thompson wrote about St. Louis for the national media — but were any of his stories true? Don’t settle: Guy Patrick Cunningham on the journalist in the shadow of the commercial web.