Moment isn’t over

Donald J. Kochan (Chapman): Bubbles (Or, Some Reflections on the Basic Laws of Human Relations). Barbara A. Perry on how one-third of all U.S. presidents appointed a Supreme Court justice in an election year. No, Bernie Sanders’ moment isn’t over: Why his gargantuan impact can’t be erased by a Super Tuesday drubbing. Confirmed: Carnegie Mellon University attacked Tor, was subpoenaed by feds. Jacob Brogan on how Umberto Eco taught intellectuals that blue jeans and comic books matter. Max Fisher on America’s unlearned lesson: The forgotten truth about why we invaded Iraq. Melena Ryzik on what it’s really like to work in Hollywood — if you’re not a straight white man. What’s the point of moral outrage? It may seem noble and selfless, but it’s also about improving your reputation. Ryan Carey on reducing catastrophic risks: A practical introduction.