How Brexit will change the world

Brexit: Decades of chaos have been unleashed by a generation of voters that barely possesses the digital literacy to use a USB stick. From Politico, how David Cameron blew it: The behind-the-scenes story of a failed campaign to keep Britain in the European Union; and how Brexit will change the world: Economists, foreign policy gurus and historians look five years into the future. Britain rattles postwar order and its place as pillar of stability. Britain just killed globalization as we know it. Britain’s long, tortured relationship with Europe: Given their long history of mutual suspicion, maybe a divorce was inevitable. Why Brexit is worse for Europe than Britain. Mark Leonard on the rise of demotic democracy in Europe. With a single vote, England just screwed us all. Why Brexit is much, much scarier than you think. The big winner of Brexit is Vladimir Putin.

Would Brexit prompt London to go it alone? Brinsanity: The British people have spoken — and lost a lot of credibility. Kenneth Rogoff on Britain’s democratic failure. After this vote the UK is diminished, our politics poisoned (and more). Brexit is a journey into the unknown for a country never before so divided. Nationalism won the battle, will they win the war? Four facts that say no. Racist incidents have U.K. worried what referendum wrought.

Many in the UK are clamoring for a Brexit do-over. Why a second EU referendum is not going to happen despite a million people signing a petition. Will article 50 ever be triggered? The PM has said he will hand the task of starting the Brexit process to his successor, giving hope to remain supporters. The Brexiteers’ exit plan: Legally dubious, unfeasible and likely to antagonise our neighbours. Brexit maybe not, after all: Six ways that the fantasy of the 48 percenters who want to stay in the EU might come true. The Brexit debate is far from over: There will have to be a further vote.

After Brexit, American racists delight in the future of Britain. Embattled whiteness gave us Brexit — it won’t give us President Trump. Jason Cowley interviews Michael Sandel: “The energy of the Brexiteers and Trump is born of the failure of elites”. Will Bernie Sanders pull a Jeremy Corbyn and let Donald Trump win? The Democratic runner-up essentially endorsed the anger-fueled tantrum behind the Brexit and hasn’t made clear how hard he’ll work to defeat right-wing populism at home.

What do we call times where last week is the norm? Dark ages.