Under question

Simone Natale (Loughborough): There are No Old Media. One year later, Obama gets the last laugh on Iran deal. Colin Marshall on why Korea needs Alain de Botton (and why Alain de Botton needs Korea). McKenzie Wark on Erik Olin Wright and class today. A Senate campaign in 2013 left the Newark media darling badly burned when stories he’d been telling for years suddenly came under question — three years later, Cory Booker operates with a new set of rules. Ari Berman on how the GOP’s war on voting is working: Wisconsin and Minnesota are case studies in the difference between Republican and Democratic rule. Nathan Nobis reviews Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights by Sherry F. Colb and Michael C. Dorf. The unnatural history of a natural place: The seashore used to be a scary place, then it became a place of respite and vacation — what happened? (and more)