As Democrats gather, a Russian subplot

As Democrats gather, a Russian subplot raises intrigue. Is Donald Trump a Putin patsy? Daniel Drezner on what to make of allegations that Putin is assisting Donald Trump’s campaign (and more and more by Josh Marshall). Why some leftists are defending Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Putin’s buddy Trump is about to get national security briefings — intel officers are worried. Suspected Russian hack of DNC widens — includes personal email of staffer researching Manafort. Did the Russian government hack the DNC to bring down Hillary Clinton? That’s the view that’s quickly emerging inside American intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The Russia-linked election hack is a sign of things to come: A spear-phishing attack could change the course of the election. Welcome to the Russian game: It’s embarrassing, it’s dirty, and it might be out of control.

Charles Lipson on why hacking the Democrats’ emails harms our democracy. No, the DNC didn’t rig the primary in favor of Hillary. The DNC email leak doesn’t show wrongdoing — Bernie is barely a Democrat. There’s nothing scandalous in the DNC emails — but the timing is awful. Disorder on the Democratic Left: The Tim Kaine pick and WikiLeaks revelations have riled up the Bernie brigade on the eve of Hillary Clinton’s coronation. Bernie feels the Bern of his anti-Clinton delegates. Bernie Sanders started a political revolution — now he can’t stop it. Harry Enten on why Clinton might have a tough time flipping the Sanders holdouts. The Left is borrowing Hillary hate from the Republican National Convention — with dangerous consequences. Will Sanders supporters become a liberal tea party? Disruptions at convention could presage electoral changes.

“Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, however crappy her brand of corporate elite rule may be, you or your loved ones will not end up in a labor camp in Oklahoma wearing a pink triangle. By contrast this is a real possibility under a Trump presidency, and there is no source of moral authority in the global order whose ascendancy Trump’s election would clinch to which we might appeal to help you get out”.