In India

Veena Das (Johns Hopkins) and Shalini Randeria (Vienna): Social Sciences and Public Debates: The Case of India. The Indian Constitution guarantees equality under the law — but for women facing a patriarchal social order, strict caste rules and centuries of traditions, that guarantee means little. A court ruling is massive shift for gender rights in India. India’s only all-woman rural newspaper has a new challenge: Cracking digital publishing. Rashmi Goel (Denver): Women Who Kill Women. Shalu Nigam on the privileges of being a Hindu, upper caste and elite class, male in India. Progressive millennial Indians, let’s talk about why we never talk about caste. “We cannot talk about it”: Factory workers for major fashion labels live confined by guards. Rahul Mukherji (Heidelberg): Is India a Developmental State?

Sankrant Sanu on why India is a nation. Unmasking Modi: Siddhartha Deb on the violence, insecurity, and rage behind the man who has replaced Gandhi as the face of India. Harvard project aimed at translating ancient text sparks outrage among Hindu Right. Moyukh Chatterjee (McGill): Against the Witness: Hindu Nationalism and the Law in India. You can download Hindu Nationalism in India and the Politics of Fear by Dibyesh Anand (2011).