Margo Jefferson + Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah | Negroland

Pulitzer Prize winner Margo Jefferson talks about her new memoir Negroland with Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah.

In a social circle comprised of the elites of black Chicago, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic Margo Jefferson was raised in a world of contradiction. “I call it Negroland,” she writes, “because I still find ’Negro’ a word of wonders, glorious and terrible.” Her incendiary and icy, mischievous and provocative, celebratory and elegiac memoir of that name went on to win the National Book Critics Circle Award, and for its paperback release, she’ll be in the Strand’s Rare Book Room to discuss the world of exclusive sororities, fraternities, networks, and clubs—a world in which skin color and hair texture were relentlessly evaluated alongside scholarly and professional achievements.

Joining Margo in conversation will be Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, contributor at The New York Times Magazine, as well as a finalist for the National Magazine Award with bylines at The Paris Review, The Believer, Bookforum, and many more.