Taking on Trump

For some newspapers, endorsing Clinton means losing subscribers. Robert Draper on how Donald Trump set off a civil war within the right-wing media. Felix Gillette on the National Enquirer and Donald Trump: A tabloid love affair. Don’t underestimate Cosmowomen’s magazines are taking on Trump. Claire Landsbaum on what it’s like to be a female reporter covering Donald Trump. Miranda Pilipchuk on what feminist epistemology would say to Donald Trump. Maureen O'Connor on the very uncomfortable experience of rewatching Election in 2016. No matter who wins, this election could have a negative impact on your daughter — here’s why. Libby Nelson on why Donald Trump can’t stop feuding with Alicia Machado, explained. Dara Lind on Donald Trump’s sycophant problem: Presidents need to hear bad news — Donald Trump can’t handle it.

Voters care less and less about candidates’ personalities: More and more, voters assess candidates based on party and policy — and vote accordingly. Nothing new under the sun: Can we learn anything from past rounds of technological disruption and mass downward socio-economic mobility? Ed Kilgore on the apocalyptic argument for Trump. How could anyone vote for Trump? It’s time for Republican leaders to exercise a little leadership. How did a lying, philandering blowhard convince millions of Americans — including white evangelicals and the working poor — that he should be their president? I blame Ronald Reagan and the news media.

Why so many people want Donald Trump to “make America great again”: Sean Illing interviews Mark Lilla, author of The Shipwrecked Mind: On Political Reaction. Roger Berkowitz on American politics and the crystallization of totalitarian practices. Neo-Nazi writer: “Virtually every alt-Right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign”. Even if Trump is only fascistic rather than a fascist, that’s more than scary enough; America has no precedent for how to defuse a fascistic movement — even if Trump loses the election, the problem of what to do with his movement will remain. This thing is nowhere near over: Trump has stumbled into a powerful line of rhetoric with 39 days to go (and more).