The most shocking part

From New York. a special issue on Eight Years in Obama’s America. Alberto Gonzales (Belmont): Advising the President: The Growing Scope of Executive Power to Protect America. Annemarie Bridy (Idaho): The Evolution of Authorship: Work Made by Code. Shock in Colombia as voters surprisingly reject peace deal with FARC rebels. What can Mexico do about Trump? Clinton vs. Trump is Manhattan vs. Queens: An epic battle of the boroughs. The making of abstract humanity: Roland Boer on how the invention of money propelled slavery. The democratization of censorship: Cory Doctorow on when anyone can kill a site as effectively as a government can. Sarah Begley on what the list of most banned books says about our society’s fears. Shelf life: Nick Holdstock on confessions of a bibliocide. Is this journal worth $US1118?

Donald Trump’s tax gaffe is actually just Republican orthodoxy. Americans don’t mind paying taxes — but they want Trump to, also. Trump’s taxes provide a great example of how the game is rigged. Whatever is actually in Trump’s tax returns is worse than what the New York Times says. The most shocking part of Donald Trump’s tax records isn’t the $916 million loss everyone’s talking about. Following Trump tax revelations, voters in Toledo question his business acumen. Judd Legum on 7 tweets by Trump about taxes that are very awkward now. In the course of not denying the gist of the original Times story, Trump’s campaign also threatened legal action against the Times — is this a legit threat?