If you’re voting for a third-party candidate

From In These Times, Thomas Geoghegan on 3 reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton that have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. From the Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz on Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome: She alone stands between America and the reign of the most unstable, unfit president in U.S. history. Young voters seem to mistakenly think Donald Trump would be tough on Wall Street. Clinton’s biggest challenge: Getting millennials off the couch. Hillary Clinton struggles to win back young voters from third parties. For Democrats, two terrifying words: “Ralph who?” Gary Johnson magic: Clinton and Trump are detested, and another candidate has something to say. Gary Johnson? Millennials, you can’t be serious. No, not Gary Johnson: The Libertarian candidate puts a likable face on a deeply troubling economic policy. Years before “Aleppo moment”, Gary Johnson showed little interest in details of governing.

From New York, Ed Kilgore on Gary Johnson and the Libertarian mini-moment. Libertarian icon Ron Paul says he won’t be voting for Gary Johnson. Tessa Stuart on why you shouldn’t vote for Gary Johnson. Michael Tomasky on why no one should vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein: There’s no such thing as a pure protest vote; you’re also voting for something — and these two stand for many deeply troubling ideas. The Left deserves better than Jill Stein: Stein’s Green Party run doesn’t offer a plan to win, or to build power — the Left is capable of so much more. These jokes aren’t funny anymore: Can we all agree now that the third-party candidates are useless? Both third-party candidates would be terrible presidents: Catherine Rampell on how voting third party in this presidential election isn’t merely impractical — it’s unprincipled.

There is only one message for voters to send in this election: If you’re voting for a third-party candidate to “send a message”, you’re missing the bigger picture. Does voting for a third-party candidate mean throwing away your vote? Why I will never vote third party again: John Stoehr on how votes for a third party just benefit the two major party candidates. Angela Davis: “I am not so narcissistic to say I cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton”.