Running for president

For many of Louisiana Tea Partiers, “Democrat” wasn’t a bad word when they were growing up but it is now; Arlie Russell Hochschild went to the heart of Trump Country to find out why. In the heart of Trump country: West Virginia used to vote solidly Democratic, now it belongs to Trump — what happened? Donald Trump isn’t going to create jobs: His Atlantic City failures are proof that he can't fulfill his economic promises. Art of the Steal: David Cay Johnston on how Trump lost $916M and avoided tax. Trump’s tax avoidance was perfectly legal — that’s why it’s an issue. Trump’s reaction to the tax bombshell is worse than the story itself. Jeet Heer on the pro-Trump intellectuals who want to overthrow America. Trump’s gospel of positive thinking: Donald Trump isn’t just a tireless doomsayer; he’s also an apostle of the upward-striving mantras of self-help. An ancient Chinese military classic warned us about the seven harms of Donald Trump.

Trump is losing educated GOP women — and splitting up families along the way. Anna Merlan on the team of men behind Rachel Brewson, the fake woman whose Trump-fueled breakup went viral. “Apprentice” cast and crew say Trump was lewd and sexist. Ashley Feinberg on a complete-ish history of Donald Trump’s obsession with his ideal woman, his own daughter. We will have gender equality when a woman with five kids from three husbands is running for president. Claire Potter on the woman who might have been president. What Hillary Clinton’s leaked audio teaches us about Hillary Clinton: A theory of why Hillary Clinton struggles with young voters.