The looming extinction of humankind

From PUP, the first chapter from The Worst of Times: How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Extinctions by Paul B. Wignall. Jairus Grove (Hawaii): A Savage Ecology: Peak Humanity, Extinction Events, and the Great Homogenization. John William Draper (Penn): Human Survival, Risk, and Law: Considering Risk Filters to Replace Cost-Benefit Analysis. What are the odds on Doomsday, when might it happen, and what are the investment implications? Robin Wigglesworth on the odds of human extinction, “mother of all tail risks”. Phil Torres and Peter Boghossian on the looming extinction of humankind, explained. The near-term extinction movement is embracing the end times. Brooke Alan Trisel on human extinction, narrative ending, and meaning of life. How could an empty world be better than a populated one? Simon Knutsson investigates.

Bertrand Vidal (UPVM): The Apocalypse and the Scientific Imaginary. George Dvorsky on 10 predictions about the future that should scare the hell out of you. From Scientific American, 20 big questions about the future of humanity: Leading scientists to predict the future. Seth D. Baum (GCRI): The Far Future Argument for Confronting Catastrophic Threats to Humanity: Practical Significance and Alternatives. The ultimate catastrophe: Of all the ways the Universe might die, vacuum decay is the most efficient.