Sooner or later

Sayandeb Chowdhury (Ambedkar): Unveiling the Anthropo(s)cene: Burning Seas, Cinema of Mourning and the Globalisation of Apocalypse. Martha Finnemore (GW) and Duncan B. Hollis (Temple): Constructing Norms for Global Cybersecurity. Global finance leaders contending with anti-trade backlash. “Unseemly and illegitimate”: Laurel Raymond on the egregious conflict at the center of the final presidential debate. Sooner or later, you can be sure, it’ll be our private email, our candid notes to colleagues and friends and children, that end up plastered on digital billboards by some nefarious hacker with an agenda. Ross Perlin reviews Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Dream of a Universal Language by Esther Schor. Michael Ignatieff leads the Central European University in his wife’s home country. Cable Neuhaus on indie mags, the heart and soul of print.

The cat is out of the bag: Republicans will block anyone Clinton names to the Supreme Court. Francis Wilkinson on why WikiLeaks is politics for cowards: When you don't have an argument, you need a leak. Ryan Lizza on why Trump TV probably won’t happen. Trump TV isn’t coming — it’s already here. The new protesters defying Donald Trump: His customers. Patrick Caldwell on how Trump’s casino bankruptcies screwed his workers out of millions in retirement savings. Peter Thiel’s Silicon Valley friends are doing their best to justify partnership with tech’s biggest Trump backer (and more).