What happened instead

David Schlussel (UC-Berkeley): "The Mellow Pot-Smoker": White Individualism in Marijuana Legalization Campaigns. No, the Pirates didn't win Iceland's elections — here's what happened instead. Russia has a grand plan to undermine the West's democracies — and it's working. “Yes, this all ends in a Trump sex tape”: Final “October surprises” reveal FBI is probing Trump’s alleged Russia ties. Josh Rogin goes inside Evan McMullin's 10 years undercover in the CIA. White nationalist's pro-Trump robocall: Evan McMullin is gay. The state of Kansas has a lawyer citing Dred Scott in support of its position, in defense of a law aimed at limiting a woman's right to choose — what in the fck is the matter with Kansas? Dean Baker on how intellectual property rules help the rich and hurt the poor. Bell rings for feminist "fight clubs" at work: Punchy manifesto for tackling under-the-radar sexism in offices. True and false authorities: Greg Gerke interviews Mark Greif, author of Against Everything.