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Stephen M. Campbell (Bentley) and Joseph A. Stramondo (San Diego State): The Complicated Relationship of Disability and Well-Being. Carolin Lehmann (NCSU): Emojis: A Critical Feminist Analysis of Everyday Communication. The protests at Standing Rock are necessary; what happened at Malheur was nonsense. We know you love your leaf blower, but it’s ruining the neighborhood. Why these economists say Hillary Clinton’s tax hike could create jobs. Will the next president face a recession? Don’t assume so. NYU professor Michael Rectenwald created undercover Twitter account to blast “safe space” college culture. What’s blocking gender equality? Laura Tyson and Jeni Klugman investigate. Erick Erickson is sorry about some of the things he has said. Who’s afraid of communism? Americans have largely forgotten the anti-Communist sentiment from decades past.