Panic about the election

Republicans and Russian hackers have made Hillary Clinton the most transparent candidate in history. Ana Marie Cox: How the threat of a Trump presidency threatens my faith in God. Francis Wilkinson on the moral foundations of Trumpism. Bernie Sanders is being a good Democrat (for now): The independent socialist has been team player for the party and Hillary Clinton — will that last if she wins the White House? When Hillary and Donald were friends: The story of their transactional relationship offers a window on rarefied New York. “Most college-educated Republicans just want to vote for the candidate who will cut their taxes without feeling embarrassed about doing so”: In hindsight, Trump’s best campaign strategy might have been to not campaign at all. Real citizens: As Trump shows us, populism is not the same as legitimate protest — or democracy.

Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election. White nationalists plot Election Day show of force: KKK, neo-Nazis and militias plan to monitor urban polling places and suppress the black vote. Even if Trump loses, white nationalists say they’ve won. The silver lining of voter ID laws: They aren’t effective at suppressing the vote. Nephew George P. Bush says George W. Bush may vote for Clinton. How Donald Trump outsmarted George Will. Donald Trump tries to kill political correctness — and ends up saving it. Benjamin Hart on the only article you need to read about why Trump voters are angry: — because it’s the only article people are writing about Trump voters. How low can political journalism sink? After the 2016 election, we now know the answer — campaign coverage has never been more vacuous, policy-free, and corrosive to democracy.

A tragedy of the commons: Poll aggregators seem to be killing off actual polling. Our “prophet of deceit”: WWII-era social scientists explained Trump’s appeal. Why does education translate to less support for Donald Trump? David Frum on the conservative case for voting for Clinton. The way forward for progressives: There is no going back to business as usual once the 2016 election is over — here’s what a transformative progressivism looks like. It’s your moral duty to vote — here are 3 reasons. The GOP plan for a Clinton presidency: Block and resist. The 7 voter turnout questions that could decide the 2016 election. Panic about the election — it’s worth it.