Especially relevant

Diane Coyle (Manchester): The Political Economy of National Statistics. From Libertarian Papers, Jan Narveson (Waterloo): Resolving the Debate on Libertarianism and Abortion; and Kimberly A. Johnson (Lock Haven): Homebirth, Midwives, and the State: A Libertarian Look. This year’s quincentennial of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia coincides with an exceptionally spirit-blighting presidential election, making his work especially relevant, writes Scott McLemee. Neville Morley on why historians would make bad policy advisers. When the genius men of Silicon Valley suddenly don’t seem so smart. Baba Ramdev, the world’s most influential yoga teacher, is a homophobic right-wing activist. “Namaste, screw you”: If yoga is a modern religion, no wonder pop culture has begun to treat it with both the seriousness and the satire that religion demands from artists.