War theory

Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck): The Concept of War in World Politics. Christian Nadeau (Montreal): Just War, Citizens' Responsibility, and Public Intellectuals. Alec D. Walen reviews War and Individual Rights: The Foundations of Just War Theory by Kai Draper. Seth Lazar (ANU) and Laura Valentini (LSE): Proxy Battles in Just War Theory: Jus in Bello, the Site of Justice, and Feasibility Constraints. Uwe Steinhoff (Hong Kong): Just Cause and the Continuous Application of Jus Ad Bellum; and Is There a Duty to Militarily Intervene to Stop a Genocide? Ned Dobos (UNSW): Idealism, Realism, and Success in Armed Humanitarian Intervention. Jeppe von Platz (Suffolk): The Ideal of Peace and the Morality of War. Can the Catholic Church put an end to centuries of sanctioning war, and start promoting peace instead? Maria Stephan on what happens when you replace a just war with a just peace.