Election anxiety

Portrait of a Trump West Wing: The 11 aides and advisers who will be at the mogul’s side if he makes it into the White House. Want more Trump-like politicians? Make white people feel whiter. “The worst may be yet to come”: The Bundy brothers are a crystal ball into Trump-style revolution. The pursuit of happiness and cruelty: Kye Barker on American politics and its commitment to oppression. Barack Obama is America’s Feminist-in-Chief: As he makes his case for Hillary Clinton, Obama has amped up his fight against sexism — it will have a lasting impact on gender equality in America. Fear and anger when Trump comes to campus: In the midst of ongoing conversations about safe spaces on campus, Trump’s visit to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire took place against a backdrop of racist taunts and a suspected hate crime. Michael Quirk on moral equivalence and the heart of politics.

From Daily Intelligencer, Andrew Sullivan on America and the abyss; and by the way, a Trump presidency would also cook the planet. The Trump apocalypse might not come, but the Republican one will. How Trump pushed millennials out of the Republican Party: The GOP’s relationship with young voters was lukewarm before the candidate’s nomination — and it has only deteriorated since. Hillary Clinton has a majority coalition for now, but “if these trends persist — and the Republican Party nominates a less grotesquely misogynistic candidate in 2020 (or beyond) — it’s easy to see how the Clinton coalition could come apart at the seams”.

Two ways polls might be missing some support for Donald Trump. Trump won’t be saved by “shy”, “missing” voters, but Clinton might. Nervous world markets signal a real possibility of a Trump win. Princeton professors Sam Wang and Julian Zelizer walk through your election anxiety.