What Trump’s election means

Day One and beyond: What Trump’s election means for the ACA. Yes, Trump is scary, but don’t lose faith in progress. Things are about to get much worse for poor Americans. Paris climate deal thrown into uncertainty by US election result. After Trump, a call for political correctness from the Right. Anti-Semitism has emerged from the shadows, and it’s not going back. How a Trump presidency might upend the Middle East: The president-elect has promised to drastically change US policy in the Middle East — but his intentions and beliefs are a mystery, and have democracy advocates running scared. Trump's victory assures a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Can Republicans contain Trump? What happens to the American republic will depend on whether Trump’s fellow partisans empower and enable him (and more). Can Donald Trump be impeached when he becomes president?

The “deplorables” got the last laugh: Let’s face it — liberals helped stoke the rage that elected Donald Trump. A new sign Republicans will give Donald Trump the same pass they gave Bush. Republicans won power, but they didn’t win America. In Trump, NATO faces a challenge: During the campaign, the president-elect criticized the alliance for failing to spend enough on defense. The Trump break point: Imagining checks and balances in the Age of Trump. Third-party voters played a key role in election results. Deciphering Trumponomics, Chapter One. America is not, it turns out, better than this. A rightwing Supreme Court could be Donald Trump's most insidious legacy. Why America failed: It’s probably impossible to list all the elements of this tsunami, but here’s one attempt. Will Trump go down in history as the man who pulled the plug on a livable climate?

Zack Beauchamp, Yochi Dreazen, and Jennifer Williams on 4 foreign policy crises that could erupt under President Trump. This is racism — let’s call this what it is. The lost generation of Obama voters: Eight years ago, we helped elect the candidate of hope — but that hope is hard to sustain in the face of a Trump presidency. The alt-Right’s wild night: Even Trump’s most ardent online fans couldn’t believe the decisiveness of his victory. What happens to Obamacare now? No, Trump voters were not irrational — they voted for what they think is in their self interest. A madman has been given the keys to the surveillance state. The Founding Fathers ensured that rural white votes count more than others — blame the electoral college, among other things. How is President Trump likely to govern? Here’s what we know. In America, love does not Trump hate.

Former NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis on Trump and security: Buckle up. Fears and hopes for a President Trump: The Democrats are powerless — will Republicans stand up to him? Don’t just grieve for immigrants — fight for immigrants. The Trump Cabinet is shaping up to be a total sausagefest. Don’t mourn, fight like hell: Old hatreds won the day — but they can and must be vanquished. The new movement starts now.