The outsized influence the Internet has had in this election

From NYRB, Sue Halpern on Facebook, Twitter and Trump: What is missing from post-election analyses is a recognition of the outsized influence the Internet has had in this election. “Facebook was the single most important platform to help grow our fundraising base”, Trump campaign digital director Brad Parscale says. Facebook is said to question its influence in election. Mark Zuckerberg on fake news: “Identifying the truth is complicated”. Mark Zuckerberg is in denial about how Facebook is harming our politics. Facebook can no longer be “I didn’t do it” boy of global media. Silicon Valley’s oligarchs got a punch in the head — and that's actually good thing. Silicon Valley leaders U-turn on Donald Trump: Most tech industry leaders railed against the Republican, but some are now changing their tune as they consider what his presidency will mean.

Trump's presidency could upend the way Silicon Valley works. “I helped meme a President into office, cucks”: Trump-supporting CEO kicked out of Y Combinator startup incubator.