The Trump meltdown begins

Trump’s “blind trust” is neither blind nor trustworthy. Donald Trump’s legal gambit in his fraud trial is also a fraud. Trump transition appears to have flouted internal ethics rule on lobbyists. Trump team rivalries spark infighting: Veterans of the Trump campaign see many of the same old patterns emerging again. Donald Trump's team of bitter rivals. Power battles bog down Trump transition: “It’s an absolute knife fight”, said one Trump insider. Who is Jared Kushner? Trump's son-in-law at center of transition team drama. It’s time to pay more attention to Jared Kushner. The Trump meltdown begins: The presidential transition is in disarray, hobbled by infighting and retribution — and there are only a few people who can rescue it.

The outsize role of the press in the Trump administration: Think the fourth estate will be manhandled in a Trump administration? Shirtless Trump saves drowning kitten: Facebook’s fake-news problem and the rise of the postmodern right. Trump is America’s first Twitter president — be afraid: He's giving a whole new meaning to the term “bully pulpit”. Breitbart embraces media mass-intimidation. Why Breitbart News will be the closest thing to a state-owned media entity. The hits on democracy keep coming, as anti-Semitism gets normalized. How Bannon flattered and coaxed Trump on policies key to the alt-Right. Give Steve Bannon a chance — it’s not like he’s literally Joseph Goebbels.