Trump and the Carrier plant

How did Trump save Carrier jobs? Fear of losing federal contracts said to be key. An expert breaks down Trump’s Carrier deal: “Ineffective” and “very costly”. Why lots of people think Trump’s deal to save 1,000 Indiana jobs was a bad idea. Donald Trump and the Indiana Carrier factory, explained: A huge PR coup for the Trump Show that’s almost certainly economically irrelevant. Trump and the Carrier plant: Smart politics, unsustainable economics. The parts of the Carrier deal Trump doesn’t want to talk about. Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump. Trump suggests he followed through on Carrier deal just to save face. Trump is shocked that Carrier took him literally — that doesn’t bode well for his many promises.

Phil Mattingly thread: “In Ohio in advance of P-E Trump's visit and have been talking to folks-supporters and not-all AM/PM. Some Carrier observations”.