After all

Cristina Lafont (Northwestern): Should We Take the Human Out of Human Rights? Human Dignity in a Corporate World. Adrian Chen on the propaganda about Russian propaganda. With one phone call, Donald Trump might have upturned America's relationship with both Pakistan and India. Trump's call to Pakistan's prime minister would be hilarious, if everyone involved didn't have nukes. The Donald Trump-Pakistan saga is worse than you thought. David Cole on what James Comey did. The factory of fakes: Daniel Zalewski on how a workshop uses digital technology to craft perfect copies of imperilled art. From A to Z: Rebecca Rego Barry interviews Sidney E. Berger, author of The Dictionary of the Book: A Glossary for Book Collectors, Booksellers, Librarians, and Others.

Republicans suddenly discover that Obamacare repeal might not be so awesome, after all. Senate GOP tips its hand: An Obamacare replacement could be a long way off. Republicans can't replace Obamacare, but they might be able to coerce Democrats to do it for them (and more). The alternative to Obamacare is Obamacare: If Democrats play their cards right, they can save the Affordable Care Act or even set the stage for moving health care in a more progressive direction. "Don't touch my Medicare": Is the beloved program on its last legs? Memo to Medicare-focused Democrats: Please don't forget about Medicaid.