Learning from the tragedy of Trump

The victory of "no": The GOP's unprecedented anti-Obama obstructionism was a remarkable success — and then it handed the party to Donald Trump. Two bubbles of unrealism: Bruno Latour on learning from the tragedy of Trump. Mike Konczal on learning from Trump in retrospect. The whole must go: Four faulty assumptions, methodological errors, or missteps in analysis that serve as serious barriers to understanding our current situation. Lesson for Democrats: Back to class — it was the party's neoliberalism that did it in. Shuja Haider on liberal anti-politics: Liberal pundits would have us write off all Trump supporters — but only a broad working-class movement can defeat the far Right. Eric Levitz on what Bernie Sanders gets right about identity politics. What's the Matter With Kansas? aptly describes the 2016 election — but was written in 2004.

Petition calling on Electoral College to pick Clinton over Trump breaks record. Why blue states are the real "tea party": Progressive urban areas pay more taxes and have less voting power than rural ones. Local and state government can protect the Constitution from Trump. How Democrats can build a real opposition to Donald Trump. The case for normalizing Trump: Foreign populists have been beaten by talking issues, not personality. Matt Stoller on why people have such a hard time understanding Trump — it's because they don't understand Obama.

Evan McMullin: "If Trump governs as an authoritarian like he has promised, it will be critical that Americans do the following 10 things". Democrats will botch the resistance against Trump: Liberalism is not built for moments like these. How stigma sows seeds of its own defeat: Defending the liberal project is a Sisyphean task in part because successfully inculcating liberal norms leads to habits that weaken the ability to sustain them. The 2016 election is a disaster without a moral. Patchen Markell on not giving up in the wake of Donald Trump's victory.