Trump’s transition

From Pew Research Center, a special report on Donald Trump’s transition to the White House. Trump’s transition team “is like Game of Thrones”. Trump taps anti-worker fast-food CEO Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary, a middle finger to wage-earners (and more). We’re about to find out how much Trump’s base really cares about immigration: “if picking a ‘pro-amnesty’ GOP donor for Labor secretary doesn’t spark a backlash from Trump’s broader base, it’s hard to imagine what could”. Chuck Jones: “I’m the union leader Donald Trump attacked. I’m tired of being lied to about our jobs”. Charles Blow on Trump: Madman of the Year.

Trump is already implementing an autocratic foreign policy: His Taiwan call and other moves signal a shift from multilateral alliances to bilateral dealmaking — and it could destabilize the world. Trump thinks top U.S. officials politicized evidence of Russian election interference (and more). “Trump took Russia's side over the US. Our new president is literally un-American”. Will allegations of Russian interference get Congress’ attention? Democrats intensify push for probe of Russian meddling in 2016 campaign.

Alexander Chee: “Why yes, it does ‘look’ like he's planning the dissolution of each dept of the government, and that he's surrounding himself with generals”. Stassa Edwards on the virility of fascists: “The alt-right — as all historic fascism — fundamentally relies on the masculine white body to signify its core tenets”. A practical beauty guide to fighting fascism.