So long, 2016

How the trolley problem explains 2016: One philosophical meme told the story of this year's major news events. The year everyone realized digital media is doomed: No one has figured out how to make Internet journalism profitable — and in 2016, it showed. Post-mortem: How 2016 broke political journalism. The empire strikes back: We thought women would break new ground in 2016 — we were wrong. This was the year America finally saw the South: In 2016, from music to television, the experience of Black Southerners was everywhere. The year that culture disappeared: Donald Trump drowned out nearly every cultural event in 2016 — and it’s only going to get worse. A letter to historians of the future: The 2016 election really was dominated by a controversy over emails. Kevin Gannon on the US, 2016. The toughest death of 2016: The democratic norms that (used to) guide our political system. So long, 2016: The year of the political earthquake.

2016, worst year ever? And you thought this was bad — history has plenty more where this one came from. Stop saying that 2016 was the “worst year”.