Trade policy after Trump

Benjamin Vandermarliere, Samuel Standaert, and Stijn Ronsse (Ghent): Structure and Evolution of the World's Historical Trade Patterns. Timothy Meyer (Vanderbilt): Saving the Political Consensus in Favor of Free Trade. Bernard Avishai on the meaning of open trade and open borders. Chad Bown on the truth about trade agreements — and why we need them. How to tell apart trade agreements that undermine democratic principles from those that don't. A little-noticed fact about trade: It’s no longer rising. The Economist on the changing face of global trade. Free our trade deals from corporate interests. Are economists partly responsible for Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the US presidential election? Dani Rodrik on straight talk on trade. How should we think about trade policy after Trump?

How the “losers” in America’s trade policies got left behind: The U.S. has not figured out how to help people whose jobs were outsourced overseas — can the problem be solved? Cutting off trade won't revive the Rust Belt. A Trump tariff wall would help a little, but hurt a lot. Trump wants to impose a whopping 35% tariff on businesses that move jobs overseas — this is why. Trump’s 35 percent tariff wouldn’t keep jobs in the U.S. — here’s why. Trump promises to tear up trade deals — here’s what he should do. Trump in 2013: We must “leave borders behind” because future of US “depends on a cohesive global economy”. What you should know about Peter Navarro, the professor who has Trump’s ear on the economy. Donald Trump’s trade team has based their analysis on a remarkably silly mistake.

Why trade deficits matter: Economists and politicians frequently overlook their role in whether Americans are working, and where. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Why the USA Is Doomed to Have Trade Deficits, and Why It Doesn't Matter; and Should Trump Impose a 35% Tariff on the Importation of Chinese/Mexican Products? We’re totally misunderstanding the difference between Mexico and China. From Congressional Research Service, a report on China-U.S. Trade Issues. Trump sinks Asia trade pact, opening the way for China to lead. If Trump delivers on his promises on China, he’ll probably spark a trade war. And the trade war came: Paul Krugman on tariffs, a bad idea whose time has come.

Donald Trump is fighting for his trademark in China, home of Trump toilets and Trump condoms.