The ethics of big data

Saif Shahin (BGSU): A Critical Axiology for Big Data Studies. Linnet Taylor (Tilburg): The Ethics of Big Data as a Public Good: Which Public, Whose Good? Bjorn Lundqvist (Stockholm): Big Data, Open Data, Privacy Regulations, Intellectual Property and Competition Law in an Internet of Things World. Gordon Hull (UNC): Confessing Preferences: What Foucault's Government of the Living Can Tell Us About Neoliberalism and Big Data. Big data isn’t just watching you — it’s making you poorer: Pankaj Mehta reviews Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neil (and more). Companies once thought they’d make big money off big data — now it’s their biggest liability.

From Big Data & Society, Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, Patrick Allo, Mariarosaria Taddeo, Sandra Wachter, and Luciano Floridi (Oxford): The Ethics of Algorithms: Mapping the Debate. Anupam Chander (UC-Davis): The Racist Algorithm? John McWhorter on how “racist” technology is a bug, not a crime. Debugging bias: Felicia Montalvo on busting the myth of neutral technology. Stefania Milan and Lonneke van der Velden (Amsterdam): The Alternative Epistemologies of Data Activism. Cennydd Bowles on datafication and ideological blindness. Data populists must seize our information — for the benefit of us all.