President Trump will be a disaster

From Teen Vogue, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago made over $420,000 selling access to the president-elect on New Year's Eve. From Vanity Fair, how Donald Trump beat Palm Beach society and won the fight for Mar-a-Lago. The mythmaker: Thirteen years ago, reality TV producer Mark Burnett created “The Apprentice” — and invented Donald Trump as we know him. Donald Trump’s empathy chip is missing, and that’s a problem. Your political correctness is showing, conservatives: Trump and co. are just as thin-skinned and immature as the caricature they’ve successfully painted of the Left. He’s making a list: Trump is more paranoid and dangerous than Nixon. Trump’s inability to tolerate critics may be his biggest problem. The real Latin American invasion: Why has so comparatively little attention been given to the remarkable extent to which the Trump phenomenon appears to represent the development of a Norteamericano version of a classic Latin American caudillo?

New idea: The American president need not know what's going on. A poll finds many in U.S. skeptical Trump can handle presidential duties. Can Donald Trump persuade Americans to support his agenda? It's not likely. Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda. An unpopular president, an unpopular program — Republicans call it a “mandate”. Snatching health care away from millions: Will Trump really kill Obamacare? Repeal and delay is forever: The Republican Party has used health care to its advantage for the last seven years by following the same strategy — advocating an alternative plan that does not and cannot exist. Jack Bogle: In the long run, President Trump will be a disaster. Scientists just ran the numbers on how much Trump could damage the planet. Trump says he’ll eradicate terrorism — he’s inviting it instead. ISIS' perfect enemy: Why the terrorist group celebrated Trump's victory. Robert Farley on 5 places World War III could start in 2017.