A new era of corruption begins

The GOP’s ethics disaster: The gutting of the Office of Congressional Ethics is chilling evidence that we are headed for a new age of official embrace, or at least acceptance of unethical and illegal behavior. House Republicans reverse course following ethics fiasco. Can we please stop pretending that everything in the country is happening as a direct result of Trump's tweets? For God's sake. This should be a clarifying lesson: Most of the establishment press will reflexively credit Trump for things he has nothing to do with. Memo to the media: Stop giving Trump the headlines he wants. The distinction between kleptocracy and conservatism matters enormously to conservatives when they have no political power; when they do have power, the distinction collapses — and so a new era of corruption begins.

Sahil Kapur: “OVERHEARD in the Speaker's lobby: ‘The guy puts out a tweet and half our conference goes nuts. What are we going to do?’” House GOP faceplant on ethics coup shows public shame still matters. Evan McMullin: “An important lesson: Wondering how you can inspire your representatives in Congress to stand up to Trump? Call them often”.