Europe and its crisis

Daniel R. Ortiz (Virginia): Reterritorializing Deterritorialization. Jose Luis Marti (Pompeu Fabra): European Democracy and the No-Demos Thesis. Floris de Witte (LSE), Rainer Baubock (EUI), and Jo Shaw (Edinburgh): Freedom of Movement Under Attack: Is It Worth Defending As the Core of EU Citizenship? Martin Mendelski (Max Planck): Europeanization and the Rule of Law: Towards a Pathological Turn. Florin I. Bonciu (URA): The Lost and Forgotten Lesson of German Reunification and How It Can Relaunch the European Union Project. Francesco Tava (KU Leuven): Lifeworld, Civilisation, System: Patocka and Habermas on Europe and its Crisis. You can download Critical Theories of Crisis in Europe: From Weimar to the Euro, ed. Poul F. Kjaer and Niklas Olsen. The first chapter from Europe since 1989: A History by Philipp Ther.

Carlos Closa (CSIC): Interpreting Article 50: Exit and Voice and What About Loyalty? From New Left Review, Susan Watkins on how to assess the latest set-back for the European Union: The vote to leave by its second-largest state. Matthias Matthijs on Europe after Brexit: A less perfect union. The European elite have developed a death wish. Chantal Mouffe on the populist moment: The "demos", the sovereign people, has been declared a "zombie" category and this is why we now live in "post-democratic" societies. Europe's traditional Left is in a death spiral — even if you don't like the Left, this is a problem. What now for the Left? Aaron Bastani wonders. Is there any hope for France's Left? As the far-Right surges, the contradictions on the Left may prove to be irreconcilable.

Sasha Polakow-Suransky on the ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe's new far Right. Trumpism is just as popular in Denmark as the United States. Germany's far Right rises again: Purged from German politics 70 years ago, nationalism is back — and many fear where it could lead. The populist wave: What the Austrian and Italian elections mean. Italy's most popular political party is leading Europe in fake news and Kremlin propaganda. Intent on unsettling E.U., Russia taps foot soldiers from the fringe. Priyanka Boghani on how Russia looks to gain through political interference. The Russian billionaire carrying out Putin’s will across Europe: Konstantin Malofeev finances what the Kremlin can’t.

The United States must join Europe to resist Russia's meddling.