Politics must be seized by women

From TNR, for women in politics, the glass ceiling is now higher than ever: Will Hillary Clinton's loss discourage a new generation of women from running for office? Meltdown of the phantom snowflakes: Demanding stoic "strength" from an oppressed person is just another way of silencing calls for reform. Ivanka Trump will not fix "women's issues" — she will distract from them. Ivanka is the wild card of the Trump presidency. Will Trump cause progressives to forget about women's rights? No, feminism isn’t over — but it needs to change: To counter Donald Trump’s victory, the very structure of liberal and progressive politics must be seized by women.

Aha, the old glitter polish/politics switcheroo: Lure them in with beauty tips and then ambush the unsuspecting reader with an article about sexism in politics. "You know you live in the patriarchy when writing about fashion disqualifies you from writing about politics but writing about sports doesn't".