Of white nationalism

From Vox, Zachary Crockett on how most of America's hate groups are rooted in white supremacy. The elite roots of Richard Spencer's racism: Alt-right racist Richard Spencer personifies a common, if overlooked, phenomenon — the well-educated and well-off bigot. The unwilling model faces of white supremacy: Twitter accounts use pictures of white women to push their racist narrative, and those white women don't even know it's happening. How the alt-right's sexism lures men into white supremacy: The movement's many online communities prey on male insecurity to advance a racist political agenda. Inside the sad world of racist online dating: White nationalists say it's difficult finding women to date.

The genomic revolution has led to easy sequencing and cheap "ancestry" tests — white nationalists are paying attention. Being human after 1492: We will not be able to transcend the epoch that began in 1492 without a politics that can confront and defeat white revanchism. Jenee Desmond-Harris on 11 things to think about when you lose hope over the rise of white nationalism.