The world is failing refugees

Christian Dustmann (UCL), Francesco Fasani (Queen Mary), Tommaso Frattini (Milan), Luigi Minale (Carlos III), and Uta Schonberg (Rochester): On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration. Sergio Dellavalle (Turin): Squaring the Circle: How the Right to Refuge Can Be Reconciled with the Right to Political Identity. Michael R. Castle Miller (American): Welcome or Not Welcome? Investigating the Causes of Host Countries' Receptivity to Refugees. Can Westerners help refugees from war-torn countries? Humanity washed ashore: The introduction to Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law by Itamar Mann.

Nafees Ahmad (SAU): Refugees: State Responsibility, the Country of Origin and Human Rights. States are ducking their responsibilities to refugees — this U.N. declaration might just start to change that. The UN’s urgent plan to help refugees — two years from now: World leaders measure time in months and years — refugees do so in minutes and hours. The world is failing refugees from Nauru to the U.S. Siobhan Kattago on the tragic, enduring relevance of Arendt’s work on statelessness.