Democrats must oppose Neil Gorsuch

Jeremy Kidd (Mercer) and Riddhi Sohan Dasgupta and James Cleith Phillips (UC-California): Searching for Justice Scalia: Measuring the "Scalia-ness" of the Next Potential Member of the U.S. Supreme Court. Originalism is dumb: Neil Gorsuch adheres to an intellectually pretentious, politically opportunistic doctrine. Scott Lemieux on the originalism, textualism and strict constructionism of Neil Gorsuch. Richard Primus on the Gorsuch nomination: Diversions from, and opportunities for, defending the Republic. A "no" to Gorsuch is a "yes" to democracy: Democrats must oppose Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. Why Democrats should hold the line and filibuster against Neil Gorsuch (and more and more). Democrats should use the coming court fight to spotlight Trump's authoritarianism — here's how.