The Left has been reborn

From TNR, Jedediah Purdy on America's new opposition: From Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter, the Left has been reborn — can it find a way to harness the populist uprising that brought Trump to power?; several authors on 10 ways to take on Trump; and Brian Beutler on how the Left needs to get real — and get ready to lose many fights. The Fugitive Slave Act galvanized the abolitionist movement — Trump's Muslim ban could do the same for a new resistance. Can marches become a movement? Michael Tomasky interviews Theda Skocpol, co-author with Vanessa Williamson of The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism. Sarah Kliff on why liberals are the new tea party.

This poll is the best news liberals have had in a long time. Henry Farrell on the condition we're in, and the various possibilities for pushing back using civil society. Progressives pour cash into anti-Trump resistance. Capitol Hill mom directs thousands of anti-Trump activists with texts sent from her living room. Forget protest: Trump's actions warrant a general national strike. Where's the best place to resist Trump? At work — from solidarity strikes to slowdowns and sit-ins, workplace revolt is a key strategy in opposing the new administration. After trying everything else, Democrats have decided to listen to their voters. Compromising with Trump: Joshua Cherniss on democracy lessons from Havel and Michnik.