Trump’s trade agenda is on a collision course

Donald Trump’s tough talk will not bring US jobs back: China played an insignificant role in the decline of manufacturing. Trading in Trump’s lies: Anyone who claims that the collapse of US manufacturing employment resulted from “bad” trade deals is playing the fool. Trump’s administration has a new target on trade — and it’s not China or Mexico (and more). Dani K. Nedal and Daniel H. Nexon on why Trump won't get the best deals: Mind the gaps in world power. Trump’s trade agenda is on a collision course with his rural voters’ economic interests. What did NAFTA really do? Dani Rodrik investigates. The missing dimension in the NAFTA debate. Trump backlash turns Mexicans against Nafta.

Dean Baker on a trade war everyone can win: “Mexico could announce that it would no longer enforce U.S. patents and copyrights on its soil”. U.S. and Mexico appear to take first steps toward renegotiating NAFTA, document suggests. Keep Mexico weird: Where Mexico stands out is in foreign relations.